Our Story

About Us

As per Mr. Rachamalla, the founder of AAKAARAA academy “The hair & makeup industry’s education system is still the same as it was 10-15 years down the line.” “And AAKAARAA”, in his words, “is the much needed change from the same.”

Shortly put, Mr. Rachamalla & Mrs.. Radhika coined AAKAARAA as an academy that is the first-ever of its kind. They conceptualised the brand as a medium that empowers better education & quality professionals in the world of hair & makeup.

AAKAARAA academy’s foundations are inspired from the enthusiasm for everything that involves hair & makeup, in general.

AAKAARAA, as a brand, holds a greater purpose of refining career paths and was created to drive a fresh wave of education in the industry. The academy beats the myths of career opportunities and inspires better knowledge in the field through expert guidance, facilities & training. The brand is and has been designed to break existing myths 7 set new trends through:

  1. Six-month extensive & detailed sessions, replacing the usual 1 month half-knowledgeable courses.
  2. Expert guidance, theory & practical training throughout the tenure.
  3. Scholarship waivers for select students.
  4. Residential learning & practice sessions.
  5. Tie-ups with select places to practice the learning.
  6. Abroad visits to practice lesser used concepts in India like short hair cutting techniques.
  7. Placement assistance.

In other words, AAKAARAA, as a brand ought to be the REVOLUTION that brings stature & stability to students thriving to become professionals in the industry.